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From multinational companies to start-ups, having a website is now a must in the business world. Your website is the first impression that you'll make on new clients, serving as your business card and shop all rolled into one. But have you thought about what goes into a successful e-commerce web design? Your website may be your primary source of income, so it's important to make sure that it matches your company identity and it works perfectly.

What we can do for you

Whether you're in need of a basic informative website or more complex e-commerce solutions, our web design agency has the skills to pay the bills.
There are a number of professionals at our web design agency in London who will work on your project:


Marketer and SEO Analyst

Graphic Designer

We work together to provide a seamless, hand-crafted and personalised finished platform for your business.

We developed our own CMS in-house

Essentially, we decided to build our own CMS with the intent to solve some issues that common open source platforms (e.g. WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc) present. Despite the problems we outlined below, we realised that most web design agencies still employ current CMSs for their clients while charging substantial money for their work (15k to 30k).

Below we summarised the main three USPs of our CMS:


Most open source platforms do not allow full customisation of websites because the entire CMS was not created by the agencies managing it. Towards this end, other agencies need to first fight against the codes of the CMS they use (which they have not written themselves) and then try to fit their new codes within it. Therefore, when agencies are asked with an ad-hoc e-commerce solution specific to their client's needs/industry, they either take very long or are unable to do it. With our CMS, instead, we can provide our clients with any customised feature they want because we know and developed all the codes, quickly being able to tailor any features to client's needs and expectations.

Crash-free System

As you probably know, open source platforms carry free plugins which clients usually download when wishing to add a new feature to their site. Very often these free plugins do not follow the latest CMS version upgrade (because the developer might not be interested anymore or for any other reason) letting crash the website or generating problems. Since we do not use plugins but we handcraft codes, at our web design agency we managed to create a nearly crash-free system.

Speed and User Friendly Experience:

Clients being given with ordinary CMSs are also given with a large number of features they will never use in their back ends. Apart from coding the platform in a "skinny" way, we only upload to the system the features the client is interested in rendering the platform lighter and faster and more user friendly. This also positively impact loading times and SEO rankings.

Our step by step approach

1. Business discovery: To get started, we want to sit down and listen to your ideas for your information or ecommerce website design. We want to be sure that we understand your audience, industry, and overall goals, and if you have ideas of your own we will do our best to support them.

2. Planning your strategy: Understanding the basic context of your site, we will then be able to prepare a written strategy allowing you to see both a description of your potential website's functionalities along with a skeleton and graphic draft of the site itself.

3. Site development and integration: Our website developers set up your hosting, database, programming, and testing during this next phase. You'll receive up-to-the-minute information regarding your site's status, allowing you to check in and suggest changes as needed.

4. Website launch and beginning SEO: After you've approved the site, we'll be able to position it online and ensure that it's indexed by all important search engines, from Google to Bing. We'll also be sure to install tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to help you keep track of your site's health and daily visitors.

5. Post sale and website maintenance: While some website designers will leave you to your own devices after the website launch, we'll offer you instructions so that you know how to make small changes on your own (adding new products, content, or price changes). In the meantime, we'll also provide you with full support in the event you have further questions or concerns. Light changes to content, simple bugs, or basic changes will be carried out free of charge, while more substantial changes can be instituted at a discounted rate or by signing up to one of our maintenance packages.

Why choose us for your website design?

You'll gain the experience of a web designer, programmer, and SEO expert all in one
We offer a fully customisable, crash free system which run at a very fast pace

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