Social Media Campaigns

It's hard to imagine a world without social media today, with the role that this alternative reality plays in all of our lives. Used for both business and personal matters, social media platforms provide a prime opportunity for small businesses in particular. We understand this relatively new medium's potential, which is why we work hard to help our clients build a stronger social media presence both in the UK and abroad. We'll help you develop a social media strategy, increasing revenues through it as a result.

What will we do for you?

Our social media agency can perform a wealth of functions to improve your online presence.

Market research

Assist with setting up and optimizing your social media profile or business page

Development of a sound social media strategy

Operate and maintain your social media profile with daily updates

Market Research

Although it's easy to combine all social media platforms into one category, they must each be approached individually for best results. Each platform can be used to target different users, who may navigate them for different purposes. As a result, effective social media services won't use the same strategy for every platform. While Facebook might be profitable for one client, Twitter might be more effective for another.

This is why at impressEve our social media services include market research, which involves:

• Using the most effective and relevant social media platforms for your business

• Analysing your competitors' use of social media platforms, in order to create and achieve goals

Create and optimise your social media pages or profile

Although it's not difficult to create a new Twitter or FB profile, there are a number of important factors that tend to be ignored by inexperienced users. Our social media agency in London focuses on putting all of the important pieces of the puzzle into play:

• Like our websites, we use clear objectives to create a more effective social media profile. This is based on your target audience, using SEO strategies to increase your profile's visibility.

• We create personalized pictures and posts to ensure that your profile stands out for its individuality, engaging your audience both in the UK and abroad.

Developing a social media strategy

When hiring a social media agency in London, you need a professional team with a broad outlook. We understand that managing a social media profile for a brand involves more than simply launching posts about events and new products. It involves a clear strategy, with specific objectives. Our social media company focuses on engaging your core audience, creating a dialogue with clients. The service includes:

• Devising a clear strategy with sales and brand awareness at the forefront of our measurable objectives

• Coming up with campaigns and competitions which will engage your audience, helping to achieve these objectives

• Giving you the instructions and tricks of the trade needed to most effectively manage your profile and engage with your followers

Daily management of your social media page

Simply setting up a personalized profile is not enough to build a significant social media presence. You must also maintain them with daily updates, including publishing photos and posts, responding to questions, and creating a dialogue. We understand that many of you are too busy for all of that, which is why we're here to help you with:

• Running and updating your social media pages on a day to day basis

• Publishing fresh content, answer audience questions, and assist with customer service

• Encouraging your audience to buy your products or services

Why should you employ us for your social media campaigns?

Running social media campaigns is something we love. It lets us fully engage directly with an audience and use our creativity. Along with this, you should use us because:

All of our marketers have experience at top London agencies
Our creative and unique competitions allow you to boost your brand awareness and sales

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