SEO Training

You might ask yourself this question: "Well, why wouldn't I do all of this myself?" The problem is twofold - first of all, business owners often lack time to go through the enormous amount of information there is regarding SEO; secondly, this information is often contradictory with many self-proclaimed SEO gurus on the web unintentionally giving false information and recommending ineffective tactics. This is where we step in. We can organise training sessions with our clients where we educate you how you can better promote your business on the Internet.

Who is it for?

Our SEO training in London offer will mostly appeal to UK business owners, bloggers and webmasters who would like to handle things themselves and do not have to rely on others to effectively promote their assets in digital markets.

Outline of the course

Total lecture time: 6 hours
Break: 60 mins (13:00-13:45)
Suggested time (10 am to 16.45pm)
Week-end sessions (limited availability)

Our SEO courses are divided into 4 sections:


SEO theory

Practical SEO

How to use the best SEO tools

Course description

1 Overview

Introduction (Who we are, what we do)
Why do we all need SEO?
What does SEO involve (Accessibility, content & links)

2 SEO Theory

2.1 Accessibility

• Is your site accessible? Check it
• Make it readable by Google
• The right structure for your site
• Make your site SEO friendly (data types, duplicate content, 4xx/5xx errors, HTML codes optimization, URLs naming, site speed

2.2 Content

• Content is king, why?
• How content should be written
• How content should be shared
• How content should be SEO optimised
• Content relevancy is paramount (on-page/off-page)

2.3 Links

• White hat and black hat techniques
• How to identify a quality link (source, form, anchor text & placement)?
• Where do I get links from (blogger outreach, social media, exchange)?

3 Practical SEO

3.1 Research

•What keywords do your clients type in (we teach Google Adwords keyword planner)?
•How are your competitors doing? Can you outrank them?
•What are the keywords you should rank for based on traffic, relevancy and competitiveness?

3.2 On site Optimization

• Map out a new site structure
• Rename URls
• Optimise HTML tags, content, meta-descriptions
• Run Accessibility check ( we teach screaming frog, SEO moz)
• How to fix 4xx errors, duplicate page content & slow site

3.3 Off-site Optimization

• How many links do you need to outrank your competitors?
• Where do I get links from?
• Assessing the value of a website
• How to contact bloggers (e-mails set up, tone, negotiation techniques)
• Create a database of contacts & do not miss any opportunity

4 How to use the best SEO tools

•Google Adwords keyword tool
•Screaming frog
•SEO moz
•Open Site Explorer
•Majestic SEO
•PR checker
•IP checker

Why SEO Training with us?

After engaging with us in our SEO courses, you will soon realise that we are not a bunch of greedy nerds, but rather a group of easy-going fellows who love interacting with people and helping them to achieve their targets.

If this does not convince you yet to take part in, our SEO training London offer, below is a more comprehensive list of benefits.

Wrapping up, it has got to be us because:

We have past experience at both UK and global agencies here in London
We can deliver our training at your office, home or wherever suits you
We provide online training online via conference calls and workshops using screen sharing
We provide post training support, access to template files, tips and free SEO tools
We love helping people; we do not monitor our watches during training sessions!

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