PPC Campaigns

One of the swiftest ways to place your site at the top of a page of search results and drive high quality traffic to it at the same time is with Pay-Per-Click, or PPC. This is a form of advertising that can work heavily in your favour. Google's AdWords tool allows you to increase your sales by placing your website among the heavy hitters in the featured yellow section.

Our PPC agency is here to not only set up your account, but also manage it from month to month to help you make the most of this opportunity.

What will our PPC agency in London do for you?

Our PPC management experts will perform three main functions on your behalf.

Set up a PPC account

Review your PPC account

Manage and maintain your PPC account from month to month

Set up a PPC account

Are you new to Google advertising? Never fear, we can set up your PPC account from scratch and help you get started. This involves:

Conducting extensive, specific keyword research to target the right phrases that will drive traffic along with conversion

Identifying the correct bid to display the ad more frequently

Creating and optimising ad copy and choosing the best landing pages

Attracting clicks only from locations that you prefer, so that you can avoid wasting money

Giving you further instructions on managing your ad campaign

Review your PPC account

Have you set up an existing PPC business account? Our UK PPC management team can audit this to find any potential errors, while optimising it for better performance. This includes:

Adding strategic keywords as needed

Checking if the correct bids are already in place, avoiding unnecessary expenditure

Increasing ad quality to save money by lowering bids

Attiring clicks from selected areas

Our PPC agency London will provide you with a monthly report highlighting issues we found, how we fixed them, and objectives behind them.

Manage your PPC account from month to month

Are you too busy for AdWords management? Sit back, relax, and let our UK team of professionals take over the reins on your behalf. Whether you're starting up a new PPC account or already have one, we'll manage it from month to month with long-term results in mind. This includes:

• Initial creation or review of the account

• Checking campaign performance each week

• Tracking keyword and ad-copy performance

• Checking and editing any poorly performing keywords

• Checking and editing any poorly performing ad copy

• Adding new ad copy or keywords and tracking performance

• Identifying new features in AdWords which could improve your campaigns

• Providing you with a monthly report, showcasing work we've completed and checking your account's performance

Why should you choose us to manage your next PPC campaign?

We will manage your PPC accounts and campaigns with constant updates
We offer management of PPC campaigns at an affordable price
Our professional team members have run successful PPC campaigns for international brands
We have PPC experience from working at global agencies based in London

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