New Google Mobile Friendly Tag

Everyone must have noticed a slight change in the recent mobile SERP: the mobile-friendly tag. Yes, Google have recently introduced in his mobile search results a tag to label those sites that do not display neatly on mobile devices. The update was brought in by Google to improve the user experience of those using his search engine.

To those websites, which do not meet Google mobile standards, has been most probably sent a warning encouraging the Webmaster to take action against it. This can be found in Google Webmaster Tools inbox.

Google has not pledged to penalise those websites that are not mobile-friendly but promised to give priority in search results to those meeting his mobile requirements. On April 21st the new Google mobile friendly update will officially roll out so websites that do not meet mobile criteria might be left behind so go get your website mobile friendly!

How to make sure your website is mobile friendly

Avoid using out-dated technologies that are not readable by Google on mobile, say Flash.
Your content must be readable on your mobile without the need of zooming in or scrolling across.
Links should be placed apart enough so that intended one can be readily tapped.

How to test if your website is Mobile friendly

Google has rendered available a range of tools for webmasters to check if their sites are mobile friendly:

Test your URLs with Google mobile friendly tool.
Check mobile usability report in Google Webmaster Tools to have an understanding of what you are lacking in.

The bottom line

Google’s mobile friendly algorithm might be the biggest Google update after Panda and Penguin. While Google is not yet penalising those sites that do not meet his mobile standards, he will soon give more and more importance to his new algorithm leaving behind everyone who do not offer an ideal mobile experience to users. Hurry up time is ticking!